Studying at the Language Center allows you access to all the facilities on campus. With your student ID, you'll be able to use the sports complex (membership required), library, and computer labs around campus.

The Chinese Language Center is located on the 4th floor of the Second Administration Building.

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The University library is rated one of the most comprehensive libraries in the nation. With multiple computer and mulitmedia sections including individual movie rooms, there's a wide range of resources to enhance your learning.
Chinese Courses
Chinese Courses
Sports Complex

The recently completed sports complex has just about any sport facility you can imagine including a climbing wall and an olympic size pool. With a student membership, you'll have access to the gym and pool. The sports complex also offers nightly sessions of aerobics, tae-bo, and other dance workouts.


It has been 45 years since the Feng Chia night market was first established alongside our beloved university. Defying all entrepreneurial predictions of doom within a decade, Feng Chia night market not only survived, but has flourished into the binge-hot spot of Taichung city. Stalls number in the hundreds and passersby throng in the thousands. As a matter of fact, according to a recent report, around 25,000 customers, mostly young adults, visit the place every night.

Feng Chia Night Market is the second best night market in Taiwan in terms of the quality of food and products sold. You'll find a spectrum of food from finger food to international cuisine and products of popular demand. Not only will you experience the college life in Taiwan, you will also be immersed in culture of convenience and excitement in the Feng Chia area.

h6. Must-try at Feng Chia night market:
  • tea eggs
  • candied fruits
  • grass jelly with taro balls
  • grilled shrimps
  • baked potatoes with cheese
  • stinky tofu
  • pork sausage in glutinous rice (Taiwanese hotdog)

Have you tried any of these? Trying everything in the night market is an adventure itself and will tell you a lot about Taiwanese culture.