Our registration is a rolling process with no set deadline before the quarter starts. However if you need a visa through our Chinese Language Center, then you should leave approximately 4-6 weeks for the application process. You will need our Original Admission Approval Letter to apply for your visa and this takes time to prepare and post.

The application is easy. Just submit the documents below to us via email or fax:

Feng Chia University Chinese Language Center
Fax: 886-4-2451-0243 

Application Documents

We will process your application for an Admission Letter when all the documents listed below are received.
  • Apply on CLC website (apply now online!
  • A copy of passport photo page. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • An original bank statement dated within the last 3 months, showing at least US$ 2,000 from the applicant's or his/her sponsor's account. The bank statement must have the applicant's or sponsor's name and the amount of money available in U.S. or any foreign currency. The sponsor needs to fill in a Financial Guarantee
    (Note: those who already have an ARC or Taiwanese ID do not need to submit a financial statement.)
  • study plan, stating study goals, details of Mandarin language ability, and reasons for wanting to study Mandarin
  • A X-Ray check for Tuberculosis medical report in English or in Chinese within 3 months before the course begin day

    ( Note: The x-ray check should be done in any legal hospital with paper form report in Taiwan)

  • Declaration of Admission with applicant's signature: download here
  • Vietnamese applicants also have to hand in the following two documents: a. Diploma of the highest degree and transcripts for all semesters (need to be translated into Mandarin or English) b. Certificate of Language Proficiency Test as follows: 1) TOCFLTest for at least Level 1(Band A), 2) TOEFL Test (iBT) for at least 18 points, (pBT) for at least 340 points, 3) TOEIC for at least 300 points, 4) IELTS for at least 2.5 points.

The actual registration period starts one week prior to the start of the term. You must then register in person at the Chinese Language Center office, with your passport.

When you have time, have a look at these documents:

You will be officially registered as a student of the Chinese Language Center after you have paid the tuition fee at the office. And, the office will issue your Student ID by the 20th of that month, and this will give you access to all Feng Chia University facilities.
You will also be asked to enter your personal information into our system, which will allow us to contact you or your close relation in case of an emergency. While registering, you will receive information on the courses, an academic calendar for that quarter and if necessary also assistance in finding accommodation.