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Learn Chinese from Chinese Stories 中文故事線上平台

For Students who would like to study through your own. CLC has cooperate with an online study platform to provide more chances to practice your Chinese. 
It's also apply to our regular class and some elective classes that can also offer teachers and students to prepare lessons before classes and to review.

online Classes
FCU CLC Free Online Trial Lessons

FCU CLC is preparing for the online Chinese courses, and now we’re offering free trial lessons to ALL the students. Seated are limited, don’t miss the opportunity to experience our online courses.
  Theme: Survival Chinese

These lessons provide basic Chinese that help learners deal with everyday situations for their living in a Chinese speaking environment. Selected topics and situations come from real life scenarios and can be used for everyday communications. You can learn Chinese by interacting with the teachers in real time without being limited to a certain place now. If you are interested in our online trial lessons, read the following information and sign up for the class now.
  •  Course Schedule: (one-hour lesson for one topic)
    Topic Time Date
    Ordering A Meal 11:00am-12:00pm Wednesday, 2016/01/13
    Where is…? 02:00pm-03:00pm Wednesday, 2016/01/13
    Making an Appointment 11:00am-12:00pm Thursday, 2016/01/14
    Transportation 03:00pm-04:00pm Thursday, 2016/01/14
    Shopping 01:00pm-02:00pm Monday, 2016/01/18
  •  How to join the class? 
    Step 1, Fill out a registration form here
    Step 2, After filling out the form online, please pay NT.200 deposit for each lesson at the office.

    Please complete the above registration by January 12th (Tuesday).
  • Things to know about the online courses:
    (1) Each topic is a one-hour lesson. To maintain the teaching quality, we only take 3   students the most for each lesson. Each person can sign up for more than one lesson as long as there’s still room available.
    (2) We value your feedback greatly as it’s highly important to the development of our future online courses. Please spend some time telling us how we were doing: after having the class, we’ll send an online questionnaire for you to fill out. Once we’ve received your questionnaire, we’ll arrange a meeting for you and the teacher to talk about your opinions in person. Once you’ve done with the questionnaire and an interview with the teacher, we’ll return the deposit to you.
    (3) We’ll hold a simple instructional meeting for students who sign up for the class and show you how to log in the online classroom. We’ll email you further information about the meeting once we’ve received your registration for the class.