Extra Help

After Class Practice

Studying at the Language Center is not just about attending class, doing homework, and reviewing for exams. We understand that in order to fully absorb a language, there must be opportunites for you to practice and people to help you perfect your Mandarin. Of course, there's the night market for you to try out your new sentence every night. But if you're not ready to step out of your comfort zone, that's fine. The Language Center has several events to help build your confidence, meet new people, and be a part of the FCU community.
Chinese Courses
Language Exchange
A Language Center student averages 3 language exchange partners during his/her study here. Not only is this a great opportunity for you to practice your Mandarin, but making a local friend here is the best way for you to learn about our culture and enjoy the riches of Taiwanese lifestyle.


Chinese Tutorial
Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm, the Language Center has lined up local students awaiting at CLC office to assist you with any questions you may have in class or homework. In a comfortable and relaxed setting, this is a great place for tutoring. So feel free to drop by anytime and ask for help!
Advisory Hours
Our teachers are dedicated to see you excel in Mandarin and more than happy to provide out-of-class time to assist your needs. Each teacher is available one hour each week for all students with questions or problems – from pronunciation and grammatical corrections to casual cultural conversations. The advisory hours aim at creating a bond between students and the teacher by getting a closer knowledge of each others' backgrounds and prerogatives.
Language Center Resource Library
The Language Center Office contains a centralized language library, offering a wide range of materials for learning Mandarin, including translation dictionaries in many languages. These are available for teachers as complementary teaching materials and for students' individual practice. We have teaching, reading and listening materials in numerous languages to assist you in your learning process, including audio-visual equipment on cassette, CD and video.