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2017-09-22 › 華語文能力測驗 TOCFL




Test Of Chinese as a Foreign Language will be administered formally on Nov 4 & Nov 5.
The registration period is from Sep 25 to Oct 11.
Welcome the candidates who are non-native speakers of Chinese to take the tests.
For those who are interested in getting the 10% off TOCFL discount code, please go to the office, and then print the paying slip out.
Make your payment with the paying slip at a convenience store.

Register online

Website of the Formal test
Mock test Free Download
TOCFL Issuance of Certificates Regulations
For more information

2017-09-18 › 華語中心 線上中文輔導 Online Chinese Tutorial


每星期一 15:30-16:30 呂芮慈 老師
每星期二 10:30-11:30 黃仁杰 老師
每星期三 15:30-16:30 李紫菱 老師

Would you like to have more chances to practice Chinese?
Now, with the internet, you can practice Chinese at home.
Just come to the office to sign up.
Please give us your name and email address.

Online Chinese Tutorial
Every Monday 15:30-16:30 Teacher Lu Rui Ci
Every Tuesday 10:30-11:30 Teacher Huang Ren Jie
Every Wednesday 15:30-16:30 Teacher Li Zi Ling

2017-09-18 › 2017 T-shirt 設計比賽 2017 T-shirt design contest

2017 T-shirt 設計比賽

2017 T-shirt design contest
We need your idea.
Please come to the office to get the design sheet.
Deadline for entries:10/13

2017 T-shirt Contest

2017-09-18 › 2017 秋季班 文化旅行-南投溪頭 2017 Fall Term Cultural Trip- Nantou Xitou


2017 CLC Cultural trip
We are going to Nantou Xitou this time.
Sign up with your teachers, then bring your passport and pay the fee to the CLC front-desk to reserve your seat.

Hurry up! Seats are limited, only 80 people~名額有限有趕快報名唷!

2017-09-07 › 2017 逢甲大學泰國遊學團 Feng Chia University Study Tour for Thai Students

2017年逢甲大學泰國遊團預計招收25位學員,於10月進行約2週短期遊學。來台灣後經過 分級測驗,依程度為2班上課, 共安排14小時華語聽說訓練及1.5小時的文化課。主題將安排剪紙及捏麵人(可能 依情況調整 )等。

我們採取先報名佔位子的措施,學員必須於10月 13日下午 5:00以前抵達台灣,只要負擔住宿費以及膳食(每餐約台幣 $80,12天約台幣 天約台幣 $1,800),住宿將安排在離學校門口走路2分鐘、 提供優惠給學校的碧根行館雙人房,每12晚台幣晚台幣 $12,000,費用包含早餐自助 ,費用包含早餐自助餐,你也可以自行安排住宿。本中心免費提供課程、接機提供課程、接機及2次旅遊及歡送餐會 。若要報名參加 ,請填寫報名表,並連同護照影本回傳至 clc@fcu.edu.tw。如果需要晚到或提早離開,請事先告訴我們。

詳細資料請見 附檔

2017 Study tour for Thais

We are very glad to offer a free 2-week study tour for Thais in October 2017. Totally 25 persons can join the program to experience Taiwanese culture by taking Mandarin classes and travelling. A placement test will be provided on the first day to divide the participants into two classes based on their ability in Mandarin. There will be 14 hours of Chinese classes and 1.5 hours of cultural class. The Mandarin classes will focus on the training of speaking and listening, and the topics of the cultural classes would be paper cutting and rice dough figures (subject to change).

The participants are expected to arrive in Taoyuan International Airport before 17:00 on October 13, and only need to pay for accommodation and food (NTD$80 for one meal, about NTD$1,800 for 12 days) during the study period. We will arrange double rooms with a discount at Beacon Hotel that is within 2 minutes walking to Feng Chia University. It costs each person NTD$12,000 for 12 nights and a buffet breakfast is included. You may arrange your own accommodation if preferred.
The following are free of charge:
1. Mandarin and cultural classes
2. Airport pick-up
3. Two trips
4. Farewell party

The application is on a first-come-first-served basis. If this is of interest to you, please fill in the application form and send it back to clc@fcu.edu.tw along with a passport copy. If you will arrive late or leave early, please let us know in advance.

for more detailed information

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It was that personal touch, along with the high quality of the instruction, that allowed my Chinese to develop well beyond what I could've done on my own, and for that I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to study at Feng Chia.

by Jonathan Siedman– Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York

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