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2018-04-19 › 下期開課 2018 夏季班 2018 Summer Term

6月1日、4日 夏季班註冊

6月5日 新生訓練
10:00-11:00 新生訓練 (地點:人言大樓B1 第六國際會議廳)
11:00-11:40 校園導覽
11:40-12:30 歡迎茶會
12:45-16:00 新生能力測試 & 選課

6月7日 正式上課

June 1,4 Summer Term Registration

June 5 Spring Term Orientation
10:00-11:00 Orientation (The 6th International Conference Hall, B1F Information Renyan Bld.)
11:00-11:40 Campus Tour
11:40-12:30 Welcome Party
12:45-16:00 Placement Test & Course Selection

June 7 Classes Begin

2018 夏季班 行事曆 2018 Summer Term Calendar

2018-04-19 › 2018 中文大冒險 Chinese Challenge Contest

2018 春季班 學期活動-中文大冒險

日期 Date:April 27th, 2018(Friday)
時間 Time:13:00 – 16:00
地點 Place:行政二館 205 2nd Adm. Bld. 205

1. 以班級為單位組成一小隊,各隊有一個計分板。
2. 中文大冒險共有10關,每隊必須在各關規定時間內完成每一關,以及規定時間內交回計分板。
3. 負責各關的老師將依照隊員的表現和完成度評分,總分最高前四名隊伍可以獲得獎品喔!

1. Each class is a team, and every team has their own scoreboard.
2. There are ten different games. Each team has to complete every game and hand in the scoreboard within a specified time.
3. Teachers of each game will score according to performance and to what degree the games are completed.
The top four winners get prizes.

2018-03-31 › 教育部部 107 年選送華語教學助理赴國外學校任教資訊


2018-03-26 › 2018 華語文能力測驗 TOCFL

測驗費用:聽讀測驗 NT2,000 口語測驗 NT1,400 寫作測驗 NT1,400




TOCFL Formal Test
Please be notified that the formal TOCFL test of 2018 will be administered
on May 5 and 6. The registration period is from March 26 to April 16.

Test Date:May 5, 2018 (Sat.) Listening and Reading Test
Test Date:May 6, 2018 (Sun.) Speaking Test and Writing Test
Test Fee:Listening and Reading Test NT$2000 Speaking Test NT$1400 Writing Test NT$1400
For those who are interested in getting the 10% off TOCFL discount code, please come to the office.

More Details
Register for Test

Take the three tests (Listening & Reading, Speaking and Writing), you can get 20% off your test fee.
Registration Process for Discoun

To secure your slot, you must make your payment in 3 days once you register.

2018-03-01 › 【2018年逢甲大學華語中心暑期遊學團】2018 Chinese Breeze

遊學團活動時間: 2018年6月18日-2018年6月30日
申請年齡: 15歲以上
費用: NT$35,700
申請截止日: 2018年3月31日

More Information

Period: 18 June~30 June, 2018
Age: 15+
Price: NT$35,700
Application deadline: March 31, 2018

More Information

Who We Are

The Chinese Language Center at Feng Chia University (FCU) offers Mandarin Chinese language instruction in Taichung City, Taiwan.

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FCU offers student centered programs with friendly and family-like atmosphere at the Chinese Language Center. Find out the many reasons to study here at the FCU Chinese Language Center.

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Dubbed as the cultural city of Taiwan, Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan. With a blend of modern development and traditional aspects of Taiwanese lifestyle, Taichung offers a laid-back and friendly atmosphere with benefits and conveniences of city life.

Our Results

We guarantee success to students who are genuine about learning Mandarin. In return, we strive to provide resources and attention to enhance everyone's learning.

It was that personal touch, along with the high quality of the instruction, that allowed my Chinese to develop well beyond what I could've done on my own, and for that I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to study at Feng Chia.

by Jonathan Siedman– Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York

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