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2017-08-09 › 【選課通知】


★For those who have paid the tuition,
please come to the office to select your Elective Courses
for 2017 Fall term.

2017-08-04 › 逢甲大學 華語文教學中心 2017年秋季班 獎學金

逢甲大學 華語文教學中心 2017年秋季班 獎學金
申請時間:2017年8月14日 至 2017年8月18日
獎學金 金額:台幣一萬元整
申請條件請參考 申請細則 (PDF)

Chinese Language Center 2017 Summer Term Scholarship
Application Period: August 14 to 18, 2017
Scholarship Amount: NT$ 10,000
Please refer to the scholarship criteria (PDF).
The application form is available in the office.

2017-07-27 › 中文歌唱大賽 Mandarin Singing Contest


時間: 13:00-16:00
地點: 資訊電機館 地下一樓 B22

Date: July 28th, 2017
Time: 13:00-16:00
Place: Information Engineering Building B22

2017-06-26 › 重要事項宣布 This is important!

因7月份 行政二館頂樓要進行漏水工程, 噪音會嚴重影響上課, 所以華語中心全部課程從7月3日起改到資電館 (IEE Building)上課, 7月份的文化課也改到資電館1樓的外語中心EZ Café進行。


另外暑假7-8月期間學校上班時間將改成星期一至星期四 9:00-16:00, 華語中心辦公室星期五還是會提供服務, 但是7月7日到16日是行政二館工程進行最吵的時候, 辦公室將跟隨全校休假, 如果預計在那一週要申請在學證明或需要資訊, 請提前到辦公室處理。在7月7日到16日期間, 如果有緊急事件, 需要聯絡辦公室人員, 請到 臉書 私訊!

Dear students,

As the school has scheduled the entire July for construction to solve the leaking problem of the Second Administration Building, all the classes of the Chinese Language Center will be moved to the Information/Electrical Engineering Building (IEE Building) from July 3 to 31.

The schedules of the Courses
Campus Map
The schedules of Cultural Courses

The noise caused by the construction will seriously affect the people staying in the building especially in the week from July 7 to 16. Therefore, the CLC Office will be closed during the week as all the other offices on campus. If you need any document (such as enrollment certificate, etc.) or information from the Office, please deal with it earlier. You may also leave a message at our facebook if there is anything urgent.

2017-06-21 › 2017 TOCFL 獎學金開放申請 2017 TOCFL Scholarship

2017 TOCFL 獎學金開放申請!!!
有參加TOCFL 2017年3月4日以及2017年5月20日考試的學生

2017 TOCFL Scholarship
Application Period:2017.06.19 – 2017.06.30
If you have taken the TOCFL test on March 4 or May 20 of 2017,
and you have passed the test level which you need to pass according to your current level in CLC,
please come to the front desk of the office to fill out the scholarship application form.

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The Chinese Language Center at Feng Chia University (FCU) offers Mandarin Chinese language instruction in Taichung City, Taiwan.

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FCU offers student centered programs with friendly and family-like atmosphere at the Chinese Language Center. Find out the many reasons to study here at the FCU Chinese Language Center.

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Dubbed as the cultural city of Taiwan, Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan. With a blend of modern development and traditional aspects of Taiwanese lifestyle, Taichung offers a laid-back and friendly atmosphere with benefits and conveniences of city life.

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We guarantee success to students who are genuine about learning Mandarin. In return, we strive to provide resources and attention to enhance everyone's learning.

It was that personal touch, along with the high quality of the instruction, that allowed my Chinese to develop well beyond what I could've done on my own, and for that I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to study at Feng Chia.

by Jonathan Siedman– Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York

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