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2017-04-28 › 2017年5月4日 TOCFL NOVICE NOTICE 考試通知

日期:2017年05月04日 (星期四)


Date:May 4, 2017 (Thursday)
Venue:Classroom 404

Please bring a 2B pencil, an eraser and your student ID card.
Please be on time. If you are late, you are not allowed to take the test.

2017-04-27 › 2017年夏季班 學費折扣提醒與選課通知



Current student tuition discount deadline is on May 8.
Please seize the chance.

And, if you have paid the tuition,
please come to the office to choose your required course.

2017-04-18 › 瘋媽祖學華語 活動當天照片 Pictures of 2017 Fun Mazu Learn Chinese

活動當天照片 請見 瘋媽祖學華語活動當天照片
或到 瘋媽祖學華語粉絲專頁 看更多資訊

Thank you all for joining 2017 Fun Mazu Learn Chinese
For pictures of the activity, please visit pictures of 2017 Fun Mazu Learn Chinese
or visit Facebook fanpage of Fun Mazu Learn Chinese for more information

2017-04-14 › TOCFL Novice 準備級華語文能力測驗

本測驗根據成績分為準備一級(Novice 1)和準備二級(Novice 2)


Date of Test:May 4, 2017 (Thursday)
Time of Test:16:00-17:10
Place of Test:Feng Chia University Chinese Language Center
Test Fee:Free

The test is divided into three sub-tests: Listening, Reading, and Speaking. The goal of the test is to provide an outlook of Chinese starters’ abilities on listening, reading and speaking, as well as encourage them to set learning objectives in their future learning plans after taking the test.

Please sign up at the front desk of the office.

2017-04-14 › 2017 華語文能力測驗 TOCFL

華語文能力測驗將在5月20日及21日舉行,報名時間從4月10日起至4月26日止,歡迎母語非華語之人士報考。名額有限, 請儘早報名!




Please be notified that the formal TOCFL test of 2017 will be administered on May 20 and 21. The registration period is from April 10 to 26. Welcome the candidates who are non-native speakers of Chinese to take the test. The test seats are limited , seize the chance!

More Details
Register for Test
Issuance of TOCFL Certificates Regulations

Take the three tests (Listening & Reading, Speaking and Writing), you can get 20% off your test fee.
Registration Process for Discoun

To secure your slot, you must make your payment in 3 days once you register.

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The Chinese Language Center at Feng Chia University (FCU) offers Mandarin Chinese language instruction in Taichung City, Taiwan.

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It was that personal touch, along with the high quality of the instruction, that allowed my Chinese to develop well beyond what I could've done on my own, and for that I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to study at Feng Chia.

by Jonathan Siedman– Taipei Economic and Cultural Office New York

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